qsl direct

2 cards for 2 meter and one for 6m (also PJ6D is in the mail but in here yet)

Moved to faster PC

It is a radio hobby but the use, better say the need for a good computer is necessary. For logging, RTTY, contesting.  And SDR, which uses a lot of CPU.

I bought a Flexradio 1500, 5 Watt out and built-in soundcard. I had a (small) hope that the built-in soundcard would diminish the load on the laptop. But on average the CPU of the laptop was above 50%, to much to do proper keyboard CW.

I ordered the fastest PC, i7-quadcore. It is really a beast!

But now had to move all my stuff to the new PC. And Win7-64-bit-Pro is different than Win-XP on a lot of things, for instance the treatment of the soundcard-users.

But after a lot of tweaking, especially with RTTY (using MMTTY) I’m up and running. Installed PowerSDR (application for Flexradio) yesterday and the CPU load is below 5%. What a difference!

Last weekend I worked OM3KII on 2M for a new DXCC. After the split of OK into OL and OM I never worked that country, missed them on tropo. But in the contest conditions were fair to good (qsb), worked a lot of OK-OL’s in JN79, SP in JO80. Heard some OM’s but sundaymorning heard OM3KII and worked them in a qsb-up period. DXCC 56 including deleted (Y, OK).

As QSL-manager of (J3-J8)PE1IGM I want to say again (see also on qrz.com): Harm is working offshore, but inside the boundaries of the countries. So he is using his callsign correctly but not all managers will accept his qsl-card for awarding (ARRL-DXCC, IOTA).