Moved to faster PC

It is a radio hobby but the use, better say the need for a good computer is necessary. For logging, RTTY, contesting.  And SDR, which uses a lot of CPU.

I bought a Flexradio 1500, 5 Watt out and built-in soundcard. I had a (small) hope that the built-in soundcard would diminish the load on the laptop. But on average the CPU of the laptop was above 50%, to much to do proper keyboard CW.

I ordered the fastest PC, i7-quadcore. It is really a beast!

But now had to move all my stuff to the new PC. And Win7-64-bit-Pro is different than Win-XP on a lot of things, for instance the treatment of the soundcard-users.

But after a lot of tweaking, especially with RTTY (using MMTTY) I’m up and running. Installed PowerSDR (application for Flexradio) yesterday and the CPU load is below 5%. What a difference!

Last weekend I worked OM3KII on 2M for a new DXCC. After the split of OK into OL and OM I never worked that country, missed them on tropo. But in the contest conditions were fair to good (qsb), worked a lot of OK-OL’s in JN79, SP in JO80. Heard some OM’s but sundaymorning heard OM3KII and worked them in a qsb-up period. DXCC 56 including deleted (Y, OK).

As QSL-manager of (J3-J8)PE1IGM I want to say again (see also on Harm is working offshore, but inside the boundaries of the countries. So he is using his callsign correctly but not all managers will accept his qsl-card for awarding (ARRL-DXCC, IOTA).


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  1. How is the FR1500 doing wrt latency ? I have read that fluent CW is difficult …

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