Good contest! I joined SOSB 10M only and with the sunspots this was a great choice!

Worked 40 zones and more than 150 countries. In total more than 600 qso’s for 1/4 million points. No exact numbers because the N1MM logger was broken 😦

Worked in the High power Assisted section but most of the time used 1/2 power on the PA about 400 Watts. But sometimes needed full power, especially with the last zone 1 (Alaska). Worked a lot of JA’s and W’s for 3 points.

Great weekend thanks for all qso’s.

DX’ing with the help of rising water

Last week I was digging a hole for a new tree in teh ground next to my house. Only at 10 cm deep the water was there. Groundwater-level is always rising in the winter but this year very early caused by the rains we had in August-September and the beginning of October.

But why complain? For the low band this is perfect. My 80M inverted L only has 4 radials but tuning is perfect. And with the help of Sunrise propagation I worked TX7M Marquesas Island this morning. My first zone 31 qso on 80M!
Still hoping to work T32C on 80M but up to now no good signals. Best time 05 and 16 but no luck yet.

Meanwhile working TX7M on many other bands, only missing 40M now. Amazing, yesterday 6 qso’s on 5 bands with them.
I’m listening a lot before making a call. Many times they are listening outside the ‘window’ they are announcing: ‘up 5-20’ but they are at +25.
Same pattern with 3XY1D.

Last week I received qsl-cards for J8/ and J3/PE1IGM, printed by LZ1JZ. Good printing quality and well packed so no damaged edges. Like!

New DXCC: Marquesas Islands

Lots of activity this period.

East Kiribati T32C very good expedition, always on the band and always good signals.
Cocos Keeling not to far away but still needed on 10M. But with this active sun no problem to work them.
South Cook Island on 12M. Tahiti on 12M. A35CT on 15M RTTY. C21UF on 20M.
All DX to the North giving problems in the house with RFI sometimes. Have to crank up the tower some more…

Guinea always with strange calls now 3XY1D but good signals on 80M – 10M. Worked them on 30-12-10. Sometimes gone instantly, lot of power problems there!

But the big one this week is Marquesas Island.  But up to now rather disappointing, signals are far below T32C/signals. On the cluster there are complaints about this.
But this morning I heard them on 30M cw high speed and 20M SSB. And worked them on 20M in a huge pile (audio clip). En een uur later op 30M cw (clip).

Hopefully some more slots coming week. And in the CQWW SSB.

Expedition time!

At least 3 expeditions on at the same time. Good thing, spread out!
Rotuma Island worked on 7 slots. 5 bands en 2 modes. Missed RTTY and 21 MHz, next time!
T32C will be on for the whole month so time enough to catch on missing bands. Especially the higher bands are in the morning via LP or late in the evening SP, if Aurora permits.
V6 with many suffixes (not a good thing to do, attracks more traffic) was loud on 12M just a minute, but suddenly dinner time.. Guess it’s a holiday stype operation.

Yesterday VK0KEV was on 17M (LP) and I was lucky because he was working split (most times he is not split >>> ZOOOOO), which gave me another new DXCC. 2 new ones in one week.

I ordered a lot of things at SteppIR-USA, and they finally found my email after 5 weeks so now shipping starts. Hopefully no VAT charges when entering Euro-zone then I’m a lucky guy….

I’m selling $1-notes at € 0,77 if you need some please email via qrz.com


DXCC Challenge is a another way of counting the DXCC-score. It counts bands and modes. It was proposed long time ago, see this article. Not sure exactly how it works but DXKeeper does keep track of the number. Last night I received qsl via LOTW which gave me Challenge 2001.

Meanwhile some expeditions were and are running. 4W East Timor I missed most of the time because of holiday. Rotuma Island and Eastern Kiribati are on now but quite difficult to work over the pole.  The higher frequencies are OK (20-15-12-10 meters) but 30-40 are noisy and fluttery signals. EU-windows are small as these islands are nearly antipods of PA. Just worked T32C on 30m, and with the N1MM feature ‘Record QSO’s’ on the recording is automatic, no extra mp3cut or other software necessary. T32C on 30m.

Now 305 DXCC (HR), but the number of DXCC countries is still increasing….

80&160 not qrv yet because the farmland next to me is still in use by cows. Hopefully before the end the month with the CQWW-SSB the cows are back to the stables and I can put 80M for some multipliers.

Back to the set, more to work