DXCC Challenge is a another way of counting the DXCC-score. It counts bands and modes. It was proposed long time ago, see this article. Not sure exactly how it works but DXKeeper does keep track of the number. Last night I received qsl via LOTW which gave me Challenge 2001.

Meanwhile some expeditions were and are running. 4W East Timor I missed most of the time because of holiday. Rotuma Island and Eastern Kiribati are on now but quite difficult to work over the pole.  The higher frequencies are OK (20-15-12-10 meters) but 30-40 are noisy and fluttery signals. EU-windows are small as these islands are nearly antipods of PA. Just worked T32C on 30m, and with the N1MM feature ‘Record QSO’s’ on the recording is automatic, no extra mp3cut or other software necessary. T32C on 30m.

Now 305 DXCC (HR), but the number of DXCC countries is still increasing….

80&160 not qrv yet because the farmland next to me is still in use by cows. Hopefully before the end the month with the CQWW-SSB the cows are back to the stables and I can put 80M for some multipliers.

Back to the set, more to work


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