New DXCC: Marquesas Islands

Lots of activity this period.

East Kiribati T32C very good expedition, always on the band and always good signals.
Cocos Keeling not to far away but still needed on 10M. But with this active sun no problem to work them.
South Cook Island on 12M. Tahiti on 12M. A35CT on 15M RTTY. C21UF on 20M.
All DX to the North giving problems in the house with RFI sometimes. Have to crank up the tower some more…

Guinea always with strange calls now 3XY1D but good signals on 80M – 10M. Worked them on 30-12-10. Sometimes gone instantly, lot of power problems there!

But the big one this week is Marquesas Island.  But up to now rather disappointing, signals are far below T32C/signals. On the cluster there are complaints about this.
But this morning I heard them on 30M cw high speed and 20M SSB. And worked them on 20M in a huge pile (audio clip). En een uur later op 30M cw (clip).

Hopefully some more slots coming week. And in the CQWW SSB.


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