DX’ing with the help of rising water

Last week I was digging a hole for a new tree in teh ground next to my house. Only at 10 cm deep the water was there. Groundwater-level is always rising in the winter but this year very early caused by the rains we had in August-September and the beginning of October.

But why complain? For the low band this is perfect. My 80M inverted L only has 4 radials but tuning is perfect. And with the help of Sunrise propagation I worked TX7M Marquesas Island this morning. My first zone 31 qso on 80M!
Still hoping to work T32C on 80M but up to now no good signals. Best time 05 and 16 but no luck yet.

Meanwhile working TX7M on many other bands, only missing 40M now. Amazing, yesterday 6 qso’s on 5 bands with them.
I’m listening a lot before making a call. Many times they are listening outside the ‘window’ they are announcing: ‘up 5-20’ but they are at +25.
Same pattern with 3XY1D.

Last week I received qsl-cards for J8/ and J3/PE1IGM, printed by LZ1JZ. Good printing quality and well packed so no damaged edges. Like!


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