Visit to Azuay radio club

For business I was in Cuenca, Ecuador or HC5-area.
Before I came here I had contacts on 10M SSB with Fausto HC5VF and Pablo HC5AI. Fausto invited me to his home,  where we sat in his shack with a lot of qsl-cards but also other collected items like footballclub-shirts.

He invited me to the Azuay radio club meeting next week at the house of HC5T. The house is just outside of the old city centre of Cuenca, a world heritage monument.

About 8 people showed up. 3 Fausto’s 🙂
First we went in the shack of HC5T which I called (not polite) a museum! See the pictures. And all his radio’s are still working, Jaime is still transmitting (70cm up to 40M, no room for 80/160). Multi time winner in CQWW-SSB en -RTTY SO2R.
The house of HC5T is very very nice, big rooms, big kitchen. Not only we had some drinks (cuba libre) but also great local food. That’s very different from our ham-meeting in PA!!

No buro-qsl-manager (no buro in HC) but all cards are via HC5VF direct.
Fausto distributes the cards and in a official meeting is also decided if the qsl is valid for the special Azuay radioclub qsl (see for info).

Before and after the official part, it was talking radio. Most hams in HC5 are only on SSB. Most of them have no space for topband. But some are very active on HF and 6M also in PSK&RTTY. HC5AI Pablo is working some cw, but his father did much better he said.

The club is not growing anymore, influx of young people is nearly not existent. Same as everywhere, why use radio when you can use skype? HC5NRF is the latest  new member.

I explained about my antenna at home (4 el SteppIR) and also about working split. When I worked VF and AI they were not split which creates a big mess (Italians) and slows down qso rate significantly. So maybe next time?

The meeting was still on when I left…..

Some pictures

great tropo on 2 Meter

Every year around this time there is a huge high pressure area developing. No wind, fog (convection-type) and inversions. Working as pipes: either you are in the pipe or not.

Yesterday 10-11 we had such an event.
Heard G4SWX working into OH, UA1 and ES early in the evening. Up to 2000 km! And here…nil.

But later in the evening the pipe came down into JO33 and signals were picking up:
OH1ND, SM4GGC, OH2K, RA1AC(KP50!), OH5LK (new #) and ES3RF were logged.

Now closing the station, of to Ecuador  for business.