preparing for PACC

Just home from a long trip doing Ecudor including Galapagos.
very nice trip beautiful country and nice people.
If you have time&money: do it!

When I came home the world was white and frozen.
Temperatures have been very low the last week, so the ground is hard as rock!
I wanted to erect my 80M inverted L but failed to get the poles of the guy-lines into the ground!

Saterday the PACC is on and I need 80M for a number of multipliers but that will be a problem.
Tomorrow a new try with hot pins and and strong hammer….

This evening worked FW0NAR on 30M cw, nice DX.
Heard ZK2C on 40M RTTY but polar fading was strong so no qso. 



One Response

  1. Hallo Aart koud he..
    Propagatie zakt net voor de pacc HELEMAAL in
    28MHz 1x zwak VK6XT Solar Flux zakt onder de 100
    Vorig jaar PACC slechts 10 QSO op 28MHz
    ‘t Zal toch niet waar zijn …
    maandenlang 10m propagatie goed en een paar dagen vóór de PACC zakt het in..

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