qrv on 70 MHz/ 4M

Last week I decided to enter the new band for PA: 4M. It’s open to us already since Jan 1st but in this time of year with Es I think it is a nice new band.
With some luck I was able to buy the ME4T transverter, put my add on the market-website and within 10 minutes I received an offer I could not refuse thanks Dick!
I will use my flexradio-1500 as input on the transverter, 1-2 Watt is enough.

I also need an antenna and decided to buy a 4-ele LFA, discount at hamshop.

Last thing is cable and mounting. So some things to arrange.

On 2M it is a very bad season, June hardly gave us any Openings. The sun had some eruptions and that was killing the buildup of the E-layer.

On 6M is was bad also: no Japan, some US, hardly any Caribean stations. I worked VP2V for a new one, missed HH4 (but had a very pleasant dinner instead!).
Note: the recording is made with N1MM, but since version 12.5.3 the developers have deleted this function! I use this recording function many times, for instance for checking of DX-qso’s (‘did he take my call OK?’).
I really regret the loss of this function, what to use now?  Upgrading to new versions of N1MM will have to wait for a long time..

Received qsl direct from 6O3A (via paypal), very pleased with 6M confirmation.


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  1. Recall. Gebruik ik. Bevalt goed

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