Best Es ever on 2M

July 1, 2012.

Es on 2M starting early in the day (9.45 utc) but to far away from us. But on the day the cloud is moving, splitting, coming together again, moving again. And all the time the MUF in the centre of the cloud is above or near 144 Mc, sometimes up to 200.
It lastest until 17 utc, 7 hours of Es on 2M. Incredible.

In Holland we didn’t have much luck with this day, the NE part got some short openings but nice DX. Very patchy, very local, deep qsb. Worked stations:
R7YY in LN04, in cw. Came up a few times in JO33. DX with 2600 km!

A complete view of the day on

I must say: operation skills on VHF are quite bad compared to HF. Repeating report a few times five-nine en complete locator takes loooong (sometimes even the name..), with patchy openings opportunities for others are destroyed by these ‘skills’.

For 6M I ordered a preamp. Last week there was a big opening to JA&HL but it was impossible to hear a beep here while PC5C, just 7km away on the NW from me, worked 30+ stations. To the NE (=direction JA) there is a big city but I don’t believe that is a problem (8 km away.)
During the opening I connected a homemade pre-amp which improved reception quite good. But no relays system  so unable to transmit. SP-6 preamp from SSB is coming this week, just in time for some more SSSP openings (I hope).

And if the sun improves (SFI rising fast) than maybe some F2 openings in autumn!


One Response

  1. Super ES
    But remember loooong time ago 144 Kazakhstan UA6 4X was worked
    that opening was 3 days I could work UA6 “only” since then also we had to be at QRL all Saturday during this best ES ever until now
    Must have been in the 80-ties then we had many many big Aurora’s and ES Sun noise bursts minutes long S9+ Sunnoise etc etc

    vrouger vrouger

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