qrv 4 meter: to late!

I decided to go for 4 M/70 MHz and use my flexradio-1500 as input for a transverter. I was very lucky to find the ME4T transverter in the online-market, only 10 minutes after putting my add the deal was completed! And a dipole for free, tnx PA2DW :-))

But setting up the transverter was more complicated than I thought. After opening it (yes, every radioamateur opens a box he just bought!) it was clear that the input attenuation was already there (a variable resistor) so my input of 0 dbm (1 mW) was not enough to get any output… But I only found that after a long time of trying, measuring, reading the manual (which was very old and not up-to-date with the inside of the box).

Alas, now I have 0,5 W input for 25 W output on my dipole. And no conditions on Es whatsoever, Aurora rules. To late for this season..

Next project will be to connect Flexradio-PSDR to N1MM via virtual ports & VAC. It just started to rain (normal Dutch summer) so time enough.


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