first qso’s on 4M

This morning excellent Es on 4M to ES en South OH. Although I only have 25W , 20 meter RG-58 (about -3 db) and an open dipole, I managed to work 8 stations also new DXCC’s, although the ARRL is not into 4M/70MHz yet.
Real sporadic E: either you hear&work them, or not.

Working with the transverter is OK, but using the Flex-1500 with PowerSDR is not easy. The waterfall display is nice but tuning is something to learn. And only USB for tx because my key is connected to the HF-set.

So I think it is better to change to another setup: TS-2000 in transverter-mode, N1MM in transverter-mode. Then I have all the benefits of the integrated workplace, logging, macro-keys in N1MM, RTTY (or Iscat or whatever).

The 4 ele LFA-beam for 4M is still under construction. First some parts were missing and now the rains have ‘improved’, monsoon time. I still have to tune the beam and that is something to do outside…

Yesterday there was Es on 2M, only short openings but good distance to UC6A (2500 km, new locator-square) and US8ZAL. Overall Es on 2M is not that good in this part of EU, the Aurora is to strong. Today a new CME is arriving so I assume Es will go down again.


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