Crazy day on the bands

My target today: erecting the 80M vertical for the wintertime.
But then in the morning a huge tropo opening on 2 meter to the South started.
F4JVG JN16nl
F4ULC JN06ft
F2FZ JN04hd
F5SPA JN04jr
F0FEK jn19
F1ORL jn09
F4AOS/P jn06
F5XU jn15
F0FNC/P jn15
F6KDU/P in92 in the Pyrenees, strong!
EA1MX IN73xk heavy qsb but came up strong 55
F6CIS IN94wl

then started to work on the 80M vertical when I came in the shack and worked GM7PKT/p in IO76, very rare to work on tropo!
Tropo has been rare this year but today was great!

When the vertical was ready it was not OK, best SWR 1:2 and Z=60 ohm on 4 Mc, so have to work on it tomorrow.
But then 9M4SLL (Spratly) came in on RTTY which I managed to work in a few calls.
D64K on 12M RTTY took more than one hour but is on the log.
I worked D64K on all higher bands including 6M yesterday via TEP. But 30M and lower will take some time. I wait a little bit the expedition will stay until August 21.

CQWW SSB final score

Today i received my final score.
I only participated on 10M and worked 40 zones.
Lost only 4% (6 qso’s).

Contest: 2011 CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST
Call: PA3C
Category: Single Op 28 MHz High Power Assisted

************************** Summary ***************************

624 Claimed QSO before checking (does not include duplicates)
618 Final QSO after checking reductions

1568 Claimed QSO points
1504 Final QSO points

155 Claimed countries
155 Final countries

40 Claimed zones
40 Final zones

195 Claimed mults
195 Final mults

305760 Claimed score
293280 Final score
-4.1% Score reduction

3 (0.5%) duplicates
1 (0.2%) calls copied incorrectly
0 (0.0%) band change violations
5 (0.8%) not in log
0 (0.0%) calls unique to this log only (not removed)

********************** Results By Band ***********************

Band QSO QPts Zone Cty Mult

Claimed 10M 624 1568 40 155 195
Final 10M 618 1504 40 155 195

Claimed All 624 1568 40 155 195 Score 305760
Final All 618 1504 40 155 195 Score 293280