Crazy day on the bands

My target today: erecting the 80M vertical for the wintertime.
But then in the morning a huge tropo opening on 2 meter to the South started.
F4JVG JN16nl
F4ULC JN06ft
F2FZ JN04hd
F5SPA JN04jr
F0FEK jn19
F1ORL jn09
F4AOS/P jn06
F5XU jn15
F0FNC/P jn15
F6KDU/P in92 in the Pyrenees, strong!
EA1MX IN73xk heavy qsb but came up strong 55
F6CIS IN94wl

then started to work on the 80M vertical when I came in the shack and worked GM7PKT/p in IO76, very rare to work on tropo!
Tropo has been rare this year but today was great!

When the vertical was ready it was not OK, best SWR 1:2 and Z=60 ohm on 4 Mc, so have to work on it tomorrow.
But then 9M4SLL (Spratly) came in on RTTY which I managed to work in a few calls.
D64K on 12M RTTY took more than one hour but is on the log.
I worked D64K on all higher bands including 6M yesterday via TEP. But 30M and lower will take some time. I wait a little bit the expedition will stay until August 21.


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