I decided to do some ‘cherry-picking’ in the contest. Had to play volleybal on Saturday so contesting all the time was not possible. I made 153 qso, mainly on 160M (60!). My log will be in the SO-160M-high entry, only one entry in that section I think…
Some nice DX: only 1xNA conditions were bad on 160, A73A, C5A. New one: GJ2A! Now worked 102 countries on 160M but qsl only 95. Hopefully some LOTW-entrants will qsl. Then I can apply for 10-Band DXCC.

Saturday-night the band on 6M opened to S-Africa. F2 or TEP, whatever. Worked ZS6OB in deep qsb. Sunday again a good opening in the afternoon, worked 6 ZS-stations with comfortable signals cw/ssb.
N/S openings on 6M are quite frequent last few weeks, but no E/W openings. I read a story about the polarity change on the sun and it seems that the Northern and Southern hemisphere of the sun are changing polarity in a different speed&timeframe. That is why this solar-cycle will be not as strong as the last one.

Well we take it as it comes.

Autumn tropo (and more)

Autumn always has a present: tropo on 2M. Because the cold air coming in a steep inversion is created. On the ground 10C, a few hunderd meters higher 20C or more. The place is different but the result is a huge tropo-opening. Last year OH0 and UA1.
On Oct. 22 I heard OM3CQF. He was on a mountain but only had 5 watt from a battery. Nearly 1000 km. So I was waiting for HA.. and one hour later worked HA1FV with tiny signals. HA1WA was next with signals improving. Just before dinnertime 9A2AE, over 1000 km across the Alps! Some more HA’s (total of 5).

The next day the inversion was still there and after some HA’s and OE’s I was called on sked from S51ZO. We completed the qso. Later that evening worked S50C who was steady 559 all the time. 9A1CAL was worked in cw and ssb. Incredible, across the Alps. It was a sharp ‘pipe’, sometimes I couldn’t hear a station which was worked 30 km away. Like Es.

Now Oct. 24 still some tropo-condx are there but not from JO33. It seems that the inversion is moving away to the SouthWest.

In between the DX’-ing on 2M I was also busy on HF:
T30PY on RTTY (20M)
CY0 on 10 meter (no 6, no 80, no 160)
USA zone 3 on 12M, Russia zone 19 on 12M
seems condx are very good on 10M, ready for CQWW-SSB!

Stew Perry contest 160M

The contest was not very busy just worked 37 qso’s (S&P), DX was A65BP. Overslept in the morning no USA/Carib.
The East beverage works very good, signals are little bit less than on the inverted L but the noise and cracks are way down. Good in the this suncycle (yesterday M9 flare).
Have some more beverages ready to install but there is still cattle running around my house no good for wires. But need some beverages for T30, heard them on 40M but the qrm (man made and from my TS-2000) is to much for a qso.
A TS-2000 has upconversion and on 40-80-160M it kills my rx. TS-950 or K3? The price is quit different!
Conditions on 160M are bad at the moment, no DX and much noise. Still need one (1) DXCC for my 160M DXCC, but I don’t think that I can manage this winter.

Just before the contest started the daily F2-opening to Africa on 6M came in nicely and this time across the 52 degree line. V51YJ was worked for new DXCC #132 with much qsb, later on his signal was steady 559. The night opening with TEP was the usual South Europe party. 6M is a magic band!

DX but no antenna’s

I was ready for 3D2C Conway reef but signals were quit low. 30M was Ok but 40 and up (lower) was impossible. I heard the qso made by PE5T on 80M with them but the pile-up was tremendous and on 40M the jamming was a constant irritation. And then I stop.

But then the workmen started to work on my land and I had to pull down the 30/40M dipole and 80M vertical.
When some conditions were there with 3A/G0VJG, TT8TT and 5U6E and NK, I had no low band.
Then the sun produced some aurora….

Yesterday TT8TT showed up on 6M and I managed to work them. Later on 5U6E was worked in PA but I was out (things happen).

Now the workman have finished and 30/40 is erected again. This morning I worked 5U6E on 30M and later on 3D2GC. So that band is working again.

But the 80&160M setup is heavily destroyed, my radials buried 5 cm in the ground are broken because of the work done. Still waiting for my 100th DXCC on 160M (99 worked).

Hopefully I can repair the radials before the CQWW, some multipliers on 80 & 160 are necessary. Tomorrow the rainy season will set in so it will be wet task.
After the radials I have to setup the beverage. Question is in which direction….