DX but no antenna’s

I was ready for 3D2C Conway reef but signals were quit low. 30M was Ok but 40 and up (lower) was impossible. I heard the qso made by PE5T on 80M with them but the pile-up was tremendous and on 40M the jamming was a constant irritation. And then I stop.

But then the workmen started to work on my land and I had to pull down the 30/40M dipole and 80M vertical.
When some conditions were there with 3A/G0VJG, TT8TT and 5U6E and NK, I had no low band.
Then the sun produced some aurora….

Yesterday TT8TT showed up on 6M and I managed to work them. Later on 5U6E was worked in PA but I was out (things happen).

Now the workman have finished and 30/40 is erected again. This morning I worked 5U6E on 30M and later on 3D2GC. So that band is working again.

But the 80&160M setup is heavily destroyed, my radials buried 5 cm in the ground are broken because of the work done. Still waiting for my 100th DXCC on 160M (99 worked).

Hopefully I can repair the radials before the CQWW, some multipliers on 80 & 160 are necessary. Tomorrow the rainy season will set in so it will be wet task.
After the radials I have to setup the beverage. Question is in which direction….


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