Stew Perry contest 160M

The contest was not very busy just worked 37 qso’s (S&P), DX was A65BP. Overslept in the morning no USA/Carib.
The East beverage works very good, signals are little bit less than on the inverted L but the noise and cracks are way down. Good in the this suncycle (yesterday M9 flare).
Have some more beverages ready to install but there is still cattle running around my house no good for wires. But need some beverages for T30, heard them on 40M but the qrm (man made and from my TS-2000) is to much for a qso.
A TS-2000 has upconversion and on 40-80-160M it kills my rx. TS-950 or K3? The price is quit different!
Conditions on 160M are bad at the moment, no DX and much noise. Still need one (1) DXCC for my 160M DXCC, but I don’t think that I can manage this winter.

Just before the contest started the daily F2-opening to Africa on 6M came in nicely and this time across the 52 degree line. V51YJ was worked for new DXCC #132 with much qsb, later on his signal was steady 559. The night opening with TEP was the usual South Europe party. 6M is a magic band!


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