Autumn tropo (and more)

Autumn always has a present: tropo on 2M. Because the cold air coming in a steep inversion is created. On the ground 10C, a few hunderd meters higher 20C or more. The place is different but the result is a huge tropo-opening. Last year OH0 and UA1.
On Oct. 22 I heard OM3CQF. He was on a mountain but only had 5 watt from a battery. Nearly 1000 km. So I was waiting for HA.. and one hour later worked HA1FV with tiny signals. HA1WA was next with signals improving. Just before dinnertime 9A2AE, over 1000 km across the Alps! Some more HA’s (total of 5).

The next day the inversion was still there and after some HA’s and OE’s I was called on sked from S51ZO. We completed the qso. Later that evening worked S50C who was steady 559 all the time. 9A1CAL was worked in cw and ssb. Incredible, across the Alps. It was a sharp ‘pipe’, sometimes I couldn’t hear a station which was worked 30 km away. Like Es.

Now Oct. 24 still some tropo-condx are there but not from JO33. It seems that the inversion is moving away to the SouthWest.

In between the DX’-ing on 2M I was also busy on HF:
T30PY on RTTY (20M)
CY0 on 10 meter (no 6, no 80, no 160)
USA zone 3 on 12M, Russia zone 19 on 12M
seems condx are very good on 10M, ready for CQWW-SSB!


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