I decided to do some ‘cherry-picking’ in the contest. Had to play volleybal on Saturday so contesting all the time was not possible. I made 153 qso, mainly on 160M (60!). My log will be in the SO-160M-high entry, only one entry in that section I think…
Some nice DX: only 1xNA conditions were bad on 160, A73A, C5A. New one: GJ2A! Now worked 102 countries on 160M but qsl only 95. Hopefully some LOTW-entrants will qsl. Then I can apply for 10-Band DXCC.

Saturday-night the band on 6M opened to S-Africa. F2 or TEP, whatever. Worked ZS6OB in deep qsb. Sunday again a good opening in the afternoon, worked 6 ZS-stations with comfortable signals cw/ssb.
N/S openings on 6M are quite frequent last few weeks, but no E/W openings. I read a story about the polarity change on the sun and it seems that the Northern and Southern hemisphere of the sun are changing polarity in a different speed&timeframe. That is why this solar-cycle will be not as strong as the last one.

Well we take it as it comes.


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