This summer I had planned a trip to Asia, diving in Malaysia. The period was nearly the same as the expedition PT0S. Things happen.
But when I came home the expedition was still running, and rumors were that the end-date was postponed till after the cqww-contest. So no hurry…

Wednesday afternoon re-erected the 80M inv. L, for safety I had lowered it to the ground it can be quit windy in November!
Then I tried to work PT0S for a new country on 15M & 17M but my SteppIR failed to calibrate! Not sure what the reason is, but in wintertimes calibration of the SteppIR always fails. manual adjustment of the length of the elements worked but is variable, not stable. Before I left all was OK, and coming back it is not working properly.
Also the DVK (audio-wav’s) from N1MM to the TS-2000 is not working anymore. It was working OK in the CQWW-SSB…

Thursday morning I started on 80M and I was lucky, very good condx and easy qso. My first with PT0S on 80M, not to most common band to start with.
I managed to work them on 5 bands and 2 modes. I hope that all of them are OK, no SLIM-qso’s hopefully.
Today again 2 qso’s, 2 new bands, 3rd mode. 160M was in bad shape, I heard them calling cq a long time about 319 qsb but not many qso’s were made.

Total 7 bands and 3 modes. At the end of an expedition pile-ups are shorter and easier to work. But waiting till the end has the risk that the expedition ends unexpectedly….


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