Antenna’s Antenna’s

Excellent transmitters can be bought on the market. But the best antenna’s have to be made by ourselves.
Last week I added a reversible beverage system (from DX engineering). Direction 160-340, Africa and NW USA-Alaska. About 120 meters long this is fair for 160M and best for 80M. According to the DX engineering brochure.
Today heard K7ZV on 80M Long path, the difference between beverage and inverted-L was significant. Especially the qrn is down on the beverage.
Still have to install the 2-way switch, work in progress.

But my SteppIR is broken, like last winter. But now it is worse than last year, tuning by band gives SWR > 5 and tuning up or down by small steps (‘coarse’ on the controller) is not improving the SWR. So I took down the mast and started to dismantle the hollow arms. Are they leaking water? Is there anything else inside which blocks the expanding wires? Motor defect? Spindle broken? Anything else.
The concept of SteppIR is nice but the system is very volnerable.

Meanwhile I added some more countries on 160M like 5T0SP and A92IO. VK4MA is heard nearly every day, he has a good system. Conditions are not very good on TB. 5N7M was audible on the new beverage but it was one-way.

This week I have to find out what’s wrong with the SteppIR.


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