DXCC on 160M and repairing the SteppIR beam

This morning received qsl via LOTW for the qso on 160M with A92IO on Dec. 7. This is qsl no. 100 so my 10th band DXCC. Especially 160M is quite difficult, most time signals are marginal. Beverages are needed to improve RX but also to defend against EU-qrm. Radiation pattern for a beverage is much lower than for the inverted-L.
I’ll wait for some more qsl’s (HK, V5) before submitting to ARRL-DXCC-desk.
Total count on 160M now 110 countries.

Another way to defend against local-&EU-qrm is having a good trx.
So I bought a TS-590S (second hand). The down-conversion on the low bands and roofing filter must be able to eliminate the strong signals in the neighberhood (1 Kc, maybe less).
This weekend Steve Perry contest on 160M will be the first test.

Meanwhile I’m still reparing my SteppIR shafts.
First I took all the shafts down and took some pictures

damaged shaft

damaged shaft

damaged shaft

damaged shaft

Very strange some parts very heavily damaged and 5 cm further no scratch at all. This is not simply done by birds. Some parts no paint at all, some parts the paint is 100% as new.

Via the newsgroup I got in touch with Peter PA2DXY who advised me on repairing the elements with 2-component glasfiber repairkit and UV-resistent green paint (Need more info? mail me)
A lot of work but hope to qrv in February (after my holiday).

Meanwhile some more pictures of the freezing rain: my beverage survived

Beverage in freezing rain

And on the 160M vertical there were thick pieces of ice, dangerous to come close when it started to melt.

160M vertical


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