Topband season is ending

Days are getting shorter on this side of the globe, dx-window for 80&160 getting really short now. So time to dismantle the verticals and beverages. The farmer needs the ground in a short while.

This season was pretty good ending with a total of 124 countries worked on 160M (last year 97) and 177 on 80M. That is the total since I started on 80&160, not only this TB-season, to be clear.

On 160M starting Jan 1st, 2013 worked KL, KH6, 9M4SLL (1S), T4, FS, HK, VP2M, 6Y and FO/C on 160M. Some of them with outstanding signals near SR or SS.
Still struggling with the beverages though, I don’t feel they add much to my reception quality. Most times the noise is down but signals more down. The reverse beverage from DX_engineering is not performing well, no difference up or downstream.
I heard KL7KY stronger on the vertical than on the beverage! In order to work more I have to hear more, tx is OK with 750 Watt into inverted-L with 50% efficiency.

Still having problems with my SteppIR. After some band-changes the SWR is rising sharply. I now use high voltage (33V) on the system but no improvement. The repair of the elements didn’t make any improvement. I checked all copper wires but they are OK. So now I’m out of ideas what’s wrong with. The system is 8 years old (bought 2nd hand, but then it was OK).
Thinking about selling the SteppIR and the retrofit kit for 30/40 (still lying around) and buying the UB50: smaller 3 elements, lighter, 30/40M integrated in a clever way. But a lot of money.
Something to think about in the summer.


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