Antenne problem, rotor problem, winch problem

A problem never comes alone….

Yesterday while sitting in the garden I saw my antenne turning around.
Apparently on the wind direction? A dangerous situation, because if it should turn more than 360 degrees I would loose my tx-cables.

After studying its moves I decided to lower the mast and check.

That was a big problem, the winch was nearly stuck. But the mast had to go down, some more power on the winch….

All the bolts on the pipe/rotor connection were not tight anymore. How come? But easy to fix.

Then up again, the winch was rotating very difficult and got stuck. The mast at 45 degrees.
Called Arjan Wind and he was able to come the next day. We Imagechanged the winch with a bigger one. Turned out that the old one was really broken, the main axis was bent. Guess a 40 kg SteppIR was to much to lift after all these years (about 10 years old winch).

But after 24h the system was up and running again.

2013-06-05 10.33.18