Entered the contest in Single Operator 15M high power (400 W) Assisted. After 500 qso’s and 21 hours ‘on’ it was enough.

One zones was not on (39) and some were very thin populated (12, 19, 29: only one qso). Most times I was on S&P-mode but I did give cq’s a few but no real runs were made out of those actions. Still wonder how to get passed 500 qso’s running S&P only.
And still wonder why running cq is getting so less answers when runninjg 400W in a 4 ele SteppIR.
It was difficult to find a free spot in the band but my power must be enough to be heard. But not an interesting zone I guess.

cqww ssb 2013








In the middle of the contest I saw a spot of YB9Y on 80m cw (Saterday around 15 gmt). I heard them calling a managed a qso!

Today we are having extreme weather, storm 9-10 Bft in my part of the country. The gusts are most dangerous.
This morning I wanted to lower my 80M inverted-L but it was to late: broken in the middle. Glasfiber is not as flexible as I thought.