getting ready for the winter…oeps

Bought 6m pipe (3mm) in order to get my 30m/40m dipole a bit higher.

6M dia 48mm, then 4m dia 45 mm

With the help of PA2DW we raised it last week.
Performance was OK, but although there was hardly any wind, slowly the mast began to work its way into a half-circle.
So the next morning we took it down again.
3 mm wall thickness and 48 mm diameter is not strong enough 😦

2014-07-25 14.04.16

Doesn’t look to good…



5 Band WAZ (178 zones)

Today received my award for WAZ mixed and 5B WAZ mixed.
The 5B WAZ has 178 zones out of 200, which is quite difficult to achieve because 80M is included in 5B.

I ordered this award in December 2013 and only used Eqsl (AG) confirmations.

Follow up is more band WAZ including 160M and WARC.

5B WAZ 80-40-20-15-10