October DX

End of September and the start of October ZD9XF (G3TXF) was active.
There was a lot of QRN, the sun is quite active at the moment.
A small beverage helped to get the signals on 80M just above the qrn.

ZD9XF, September/October 2014

Also 8R1AE (JA1HGY) was worked on a few bands. But his schedule was a guess every day,
so I missed him on 80M. (160M antenna is still down, the horses of the neighbour are working on the grass now.)


8R1AE October 2014

C21GC (LZ1GC) was a single-handed expedition to Nauru.
It was not very clear to me when he was sleeping (if at all). His signal was on the band 24 hours round.
The qso on 10M was via longpath in the morning, very strange because that was the dark side of the earth at that time.
Some echo on his signal but readable. New bands 10/12/15 and 30M.

C21gc in October

Another expedition to T30D gave me new ones on 15M and 12M


G3ZEM was in East Timor, single handed operation.
Nice qso”s but a lot of problems with QRN and deliberate QRM.
But still some nice new bands (40M)


4W/G3ZEM in October

VK3DLX was a big operation from Lord Howe.
Worked them on many bands with 12M and 80M for new ones



4W/K7CO worked in RTTY for a new one too.

VK9XSP was worked on 80M for a new one (and more bands)



ZK3E was worked on 15M for a new one, but I didn”t pay to much attention to this expedition.
Which was not right because they were worked in Europe on many bands.
You win some you loose some.

XX9R was worked for new on RTTY. But their signals were not strong and I think they had a lot of qrn/qrm.



The last expedition was FT4TA, Tromelin. A atno for me.
Pile-ups were huge but I managed to get them on many bands.



They are still on the Island so hopefully can work them on 20M&40M
but the deliberate qrm is immense, sign of the time I think.

More stations and new band/mode/slots were worked but these were the highlights.
A great month although qrn and qrm made it quite difficult sometimes.

There was a big opening on 2M to SW-France and North EA, end-of-year tropo.
But when I turned my antenne NE I worked ES3RF with great signals.
So never trust the cluster, use your ears!