That was nice

40m took me 3 days but 80M went fairly quick. All bands except 160M (no antenne at the moment), all modes .

ScreenHunter_61 Jan. 26 21.23

I’m done with my SteppIR

December was very quiet for DX’ing. We had a lot of gales up to 10 Bft so I lowered my antennes.
The 80M vertical (a flexpole) fell over but didn’t break. The pressure on the elements is so much that they go back inside the one below (hopefully this is clear when you know how the system works).

160M I didn’t even bother about to setup. The sun is very active and condx on 160M are very bad. So next year.

But now the DX is coming: EP6T. So I tuned my SteppIR to the band and measured SWR: it was off.
Calibrated and SWR was OK. Made qso. Changed band. SWR was off again. Calibrated. SWR ok.
I measured all the connections (Controller <> elements): all 20 ohm = OK.
I changed every single element (create, modify): all elements are moving in&out.
Reset to factory defaults: no improvement.

This SteppIR makes me crazy!

So for sale:

4 ele SteppIR 20M>6M with extra 6M option, new shoes, 20m controller cable, controller SDA 100, connection cable Kenwood. € 500 pickup price.