Prop on HF is bad so tried to setup EME on 2m.
My BEKO PA is strong enough but I cannot elevate my 17 ele antenne.
Have to try when the moon is below 15 degrees, wich gives me some groundgain also.

I use WSJT-X (1.17) but setting up all connections with my microham MK-II took some time. Also tuning (finding a calling station on the screen) is not always easy as there are a lot of birdies on frequency.

But in the end worked 3 stations, all from Europe, no new DXCC. yet.
Will test in the coming days again when the distance to the moon will be better (shorter).


IOTA-200 certificate

The new RSGB/IOTA system makes it much easier for IOTA-certification.
By downloading verified IOTA-contacts from clublog it is much easier to build a database ready for certification, than searching for that &^%$#card in the (sorted?) pile of cards.
Or pay $$$ for one qso.

Now 224 verified but already new confirmed IOTA’s on clublog.
Up to today worked 500 IOTA’s.


Tropo December 20, 2016

Just before a depression moved in some good (duct-)conditions NE.
But not much activity, maybe also because the duct was narrow.

OH1ND in KP00 cw 519 but later 599
OH6KTL in KP02 is a new square 1630 km
OZ1CT Bornholm Island JO75

Not much tropo in this fall (but I was out for 4 weeks in October/November)