Topband DX, new slots

Many DXpeditions this time of the year.
And also ‘regular’ stations being active on TB in March.
Worked a lot of new ones on 160/80. Mornings are the best. No big pile-ups.
All qso’s made on ‘barefoot’ verticals, no beverages at the moment.

5-3 4K6FO on 160M
6-3 3C3W on 80M
7-3 9Y4/UA4CC on 80M, 13-3 9Y4/LY2IJ on 160M

7-3 XR0YD on 80M. Waited many times for 160M, but no luck, still need the slot.12-3 9M0W on 80M & 160M about an hour before qrt. Not busy 🙂

13-3 TY7C on 40M, 80M & 160M. And also KH7XS on 80M.15-3 TN5R on 80M. But not-in-log?

3D2EU on 20/30/40 also on RTTY which is DXCC 300 on RTTY.

New DXCC Z6 worked on many bands, 12M missing but no problem in the summer