What a night!

Last night the Stew Perry 160M contest was on. Exchange is WW-locator (JO33). Points for every 500 km.
I like this contest, always very busy, many stations on 40 KHz bandwith. Sometimes I used the notch to null-out a station that covered another station. That is working ok but takes a lot of time.

Maximum was 3×15 points (FK77, US Virgin). Heard some zone 3 stations, they have the power but small ears. XE2X was most time covered by EU-stations didn’t manage to work him. No real DX in this contest, no JA, no RU-Asia, no SA, AF only 3V8SF.

I only hunted stations in S&P-mode. My cw is not good enough to start a run. Next month is my retirement a have time to practice….

Stew Perry December 2018


This morning I found my 80M vertical …broken. Maybe due to the storm we had last night (8 Bft) but I suspect the deer that are running around. One guy was broken and part of my NE-beverage was down too. This is the second time the pole was hit and I suspect it is beyond repair now. I was planning to start on a vertical for 60M but have to set priorities. Never a dull moment.

HNY, good DX




broken guy 

ARRL 160 meter contest

I joined the contest on fridaynight. Conditions were good. Follow-up on Saturdaymorning.
Saturday late the conditions went down because of upcoming Aurora.
I was lucky to work Colorado (CO) although it took me many calls. Arizona heard but to light.

On rx I use the DXengineering Reversible Beverage System on 120-300 degrees. The length of the 450 ohm ladder-line is about 150 meter. It works very well, reverting the direction makes a difference of 3 S-points (18 dB). Many times I heard the DX but was not heard by them 😦