60M running

With a FT-857D which was made ready for 60M, I tried to work some new ones.
But I needed an antenna for this band and after some research bought EZwire-500W-16m endfed (with 1:9 balun)
On the website an swr of 1.2 is promised on 60M.

After a lot of experimenting and moving the antenne around on my lot (close to the tower, high in the tree, etc.)
I gave up. This type (16m version) is not going to work on 60M.

Strangely enough on the website of Ezwire there is a page which shows that on 5353 kHz the swr is way up and Rs > 100 ohm.
That matches with my measurments.

I found a spare 18m Spiderbeam pole in the barn and mounted it in between the trees (we have to manage the WAF – wife acceptance factor).
With a wire length of 13,5 meter the vertical was easy tuned to 60M: Rs = 50 ohm, X=10 and swr 1.2
In the last 48 hours worked about 50 countries, most of them on FT8 and a few on cw. VR2 heard, XE worked, zone 3 worked.

I’m planning to use my TS-2000 for this job but it needs a small ‘operation’ for that. The TS-2000 has a port for an external rx-antenne and with the beverages I might work DX more easy.

Never a dull moment.

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