Big Stew (December Stew)

final result Big Stew

Big Stew is the best 160M contest in my opinion. Very busy and good operating. And no multiplier-effect so all stations are workable in a decent way with no or short waiting (in the cqww there are big pile-ups on “new multipliers”).

Nice DX were KL7RA XE2X K0RF VE6WZ. No SA heard, PJ2T heard but couldn’t get my call in.

Als a new DXCC (for me) showed up 7X7X in the contest. 158 DXCC worked on 160M.

I have the feeling that my reception has to improve, when I listen to stations in my neigbourhood I’m sometimes not able to hear what they are working. On 160M the distance between stations is not a big deal (not like Sporadic Es on 2M).
From PA to antenne is about 50 meter but on 160M that will only cost 3 dB. And the beverages I use are close to my house, one has a preamp.

Looking into small rx-systems like SAL-30 or the 9-circle (article by W1FV)



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