CQ160 cw

This is one of the best 160M cw contest every year. Like Stew but far more stations.
I worked assisted with skimmer and the bandmap was full of stations.
Sometimes I was working two stations the same time because if there is only 200 Hz seperation between calling stations it is obvious that they both will here my call/report. But only one makes it into my log…

Lots of DX to work too, like E2X, JT5DX, YV1DIG (new one), XE2X, CX6VM. Worked 30 States in W/VE with AZ, NM en CO as best DX.
CE2LR, LU hrd but weak like XV1X. XV1X was out of band (1809) but worked split with rx up 1 which is clever solution!

Have to look into my Linear 1K-FA, I think the display is all wrong about power output. In operate mode (but no tx) the meter already displays 15W. When tuning with 20W the meter displays 45W out. Something wrong here.
My feeling is that the output itself was OK, but have to check too.
Never a dull moment.