Stew Perry 2020 and Bella

The best contest of the year: Stew Perry full edition. Only 24 hours with a limit for 14h attendence. So time enough for sleep. In the night a huge storm system named Bella entered Europe which gave gail force winds in The Netherlands. But the next morning I found my vertical (17m) still straight up, bending in the wind. Pfoe…

Conditions were not very good, path close to the pole was closed in both directions. Lots of deep QSB.
Middle East was absent, Africa only one station, Caribean just a few. South America not heard here. So it was Europe and North America.

My best station East was HL5IVL (heard Japan) and West XE2X. I used 400W and two short (50m) beverages NE-NW. In logging I used Assisted by RBN.

CQWW CW 2020

I only wanted to enter the 160M section but heard some nice DX on 10M for the first time in several years.
So I also made some qso’s on 10M.
I uoloaded my log in the 160M High Assisted section, but I doubt that will be accepted.
Maybe better to split the log in two parts, the 10M log as ‘checklog”. Can you send in two logs?