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PA3C (before: PA3CPL en PE1DGF), located in JO33FD, Peize, Drenthe/Netherlands. Working VHF for over 30 years now (tropo, ES, some MS-SSB, no EME).
Interested in HF since 2006 and improving the station every day, especially antennes and hardware.

Now using
– 3 element UB-50 from Ultrabeam. 40M to 6M. Crank-up tower about 14M max.
My base level is – 0,60 (minus 60 cm’s!)
– D40 with 30m trap designed by PF5X see
– verticals (inverted-L) for 80m and 160m.  This setup is only valid in the winter.
– Beverages, switchable by running around 🙂
– 2,5 WL on 2 meter/144 MHz, 15m above ground.
– 4 ele LFA yagi for 4M.

On HF&6M: TS-590S (soon 590G), PA Expert 1K-FA release 3 running 600-1000 Watts.
Set on VHF :  TS-2000 with DRU-3 (saves a lot of energy in the pile-up),
-> for 2M with PA Beko about 400W, preamp.
-> for 4M transverter ME4T from HA1YA, 28>70, about 25W.
CW/FSK is most time made with Microham Microkeyer II, CW sometimes by hand (Bencher).

For software I use N1MM for contesting and DXlab-suite for DXCC/WAZ/VUCC/award management and qsl management. Interface N1MM-DXK by DXKeeper, working perfectly in my network (2 laptops).

Qsl via LOTW  for DXCC preferred, Eqsl(AG) for WAZ and bureau OK reply 100%.
Now using Globalqsl for qsl-ing.
Full log at, you can ask for qsl there too (OQRS).

member of PI4GN (VHF-UHF-SHF) contestgroup.
Calls: OE/PA3CPL      F/PA3CPL     TK/PA3CPL    3A2/PA3CPL   CE0Y/PA3C  PJ4/PA3C
in many Europe countries on VHF/UHF
XR0Y Easter Island (2009)
PJ4/PA3C (Feb. 2011)

June 2015:
DXCC HF 318 excluding deleted
5B-WAZ 200 zones
DXCC 6M 142 countries
DXCC 2M 54 countries about 390 sq. (no FSK441, no JT6M moonbounce)
DXCC 4M about 24 countries

I twitter on, sometimes DX, sometimes something else.

73, Aart PA3C

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