New band DXCC confirmed: 60M

Today I received confirmation no. 100 on the 11th band: 60M.

Most contacts are with FT8. Not much cw/phone going on on 60M. But I was lucky to work nice DX like PJ5 and TT8 in cw.

I started 60M in December and worked about 300 calls. I was very selective in my qso’s. With FT8 it is just hitting the send-button and get some coffee and watch the screen, not very exciting.  The ‘deep search’ funtion delivered a real fake qso with ZA. Very strange in my log it was completed but the station never a qso with my computer. We both checked the logs (all transmissions are logged in a hash-file) and indeed in his his log no sign of my call&report. Very strange.

The ARRL doesn’t see 60M as a DXCC-band so no extension for my 10Band tablet. Strange that the ARRL can decide on which bands are valid for DXCC-validation. There are more than 170 DXCC’s active on 60M. In the USA the use of 60M is very restricted but why this leads no a non-qualification beats me.

But it what I think of my hobby, and now I worked 11 bands DXCC.

CQ160 cw

This is one of the best 160M cw contest every year. Like Stew but far more stations.
I worked assisted with skimmer and the bandmap was full of stations.
Sometimes I was working two stations the same time because if there is only 200 Hz seperation between calling stations it is obvious that they both will here my call/report. But only one makes it into my log…

Lots of DX to work too, like E2X, JT5DX, YV1DIG (new one), XE2X, CX6VM. Worked 30 States in W/VE with AZ, NM en CO as best DX.
CE2LR, LU hrd but weak like XV1X. XV1X was out of band (1809) but worked split with rx up 1 which is clever solution!

Have to look into my Linear 1K-FA, I think the display is all wrong about power output. In operate mode (but no tx) the meter already displays 15W. When tuning with 20W the meter displays 45W out. Something wrong here.
My feeling is that the output itself was OK, but have to check too.
Never a dull moment.

FT8 is here to stay

It is a sad development but unstoppeble. FT8 is here to stay, and other (digital) modes will die out. RTTY? Hardly heard in 2019.
The last 2 DXCC’s on 160M added to my track record are FT8-qso’s. I tried to work those stations in cw on 160M but the percentage of time they were spending on 160 cw versus FT8 was very low. See A50BOC stats on clublog. Low number on cw, zero RTTY.

Band CW FT8 SSB Total
160 268 669 0 937

(This only shows 160m but no RTTY-qso on any band.)

TO9W: 153 RTTY out of 12888 qso
V6K no RTTY qso
PJ5-expedition: no RTTY

So conclusion can be: RTTY (and maybe other modes but not much in use on dx-peditions) is DEAD.

I worked them on 80m in cw for a new one. But I didn’t manage a cw-qso on 160M, but I did in FT8.

When working with WSJT some data is already predefined (time-block). The automation (sequencing) is nearly perfect, you hit the enter key once and can make coffee while the machine is running the qso. Technically speaking it is (nearly) unattended working which is forbidden in our license.

Last week I started with WSJT on 144 MHz, MSK-144 mode. But no rx because my frequency was not within the limits of WSJT (200 Hz).
Thanks to PA3BIY I tried MSHV which has a much bigger window. That is how I found out that my trx is off by 400 Hz (better: +400 Hz.)
I then worked 2 stations with 50W rf only. My first MS-qso’s since…when? I don’t know, maybe last century.

Still experimenting with 60M antenna’s. The endfed from EZwire doesn’t work but don’t know why. So I started to build a 1/4 wave vertical, still had a spare 18m glasfiber-pole. Nearly ready this weekend but a storm on Saturday blew it away. Have to restart again, luckely no irreversible damage done.


cqww cw 2019

Only 160M, S&P Assisted
Conditions were not very good, some aurora on Friday and Saturday gave a lot of static and low signals. Could not even hear PJ2/PJ4/P4 with decent signals. To the East JT5DX was worked after long calling.
But I made 250 qso with one new DXCC (V26K). Heard HI and some Jx stations but to weak/to big pile-up.
Sundaymorning was a disappointment, not many dx on the band. I can understand, already enough multipliers scored and low qso-rate makes 160M not very interesting. But even multi-multi stations were very few.

(Worked TI7W on 80m for checklog)

Saw PJ5/SP6IXF on 160M but never CW, always FT8. Need PJ5 on 160M so installed WSJT-X and worked him for new DXCC-160M.

Is there anyone here who still remembers to sound of RTTY? Hardly ever I hear RTTY anymore.

Stew Perry (October version)

Not so busy as the December version but I worked 70 stations for 360 points.
About 10 USA, and JT5DX from Mongolia. No Japan 😦

And 3 new DXCC on 160M: CX6VM (new zone 13), 5K0K (out-of-contest; they didn’t take my call OK) and VP6R (out-of-contest).
VP6R on 160M is stronger than 5K0K. Conditions to the Caribean are very bad on 160M, compared to last year (worked YN4RRC 599)

Still need VP6R on 20M..


At last a new one

Conditions are bad. If you don’t work FT8/FT4 there much to grab for new. Because all of you are on FT8-4 even when condx are up and OK for CW or even SSB.
I guess that RTTY is obsolete now, a mode for old-timers.

Apart for some new IOTA’s (703 worked, 680 confirmed, chasing 20 qsl’s for the 700-mark) I only worked a new one on 6M: Eritrea on phone! Good opening for a few hours peaking real 55 with deep qsb. Prop was F2 or TEP or multi-hop-Es?

Need them on 30M cw too, but the expedition will be there unitil June 3. So must be possible although they work FT8 on 30M when they are spotted…..
No 160-80M at the moment although I need those bands too.

I have setup my 4M-70 MHz system hope to work some Es the coming month.

2018 results

Some stats provided by clublog and DXKeeper


QSOs by Year

Year Number of DXCCs Number of QSOs QSOs as Percent
2018 166 1374 CW: 76.56%
Phone: 22.78%
Data: 0.66%


Summary table 2018: DXCC worked


Callsign 160 80 60 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6 4 2 Total Slots
PA3C 88 106 0 50 30 80 34 25 8 8 5 12 17 166 463

Didn’t work a lot on 6M, everybody is moving to FT8 😦
Have to work on 60M for new DXCC’s


2 new DXCC

Dates on which DXCCs were first worked

Filter by band:

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-02-02


Dates on which DXCCs were first worked (low bands & 6M)

Filter by band: 160M. 15 new DXCC

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
BY CHINA 268 2018-12-06
9K KUWAIT 265 2018-11-29
YN NICARAGUA 201 2018-11-28
HR HONDURAS 195 2018-11-26
ZF CAYMAN ISLANDS 229 2018-11-25
EP IRAN 122 2018-11-21
8P BARBADOS 243 2018-11-10
TY BENIN 149 2018-03-13
9Y TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 238 2018-03-13
PZ SURINAME 221 2018-02-23
VU INDIA 266 2018-02-13
TZ MALI 143 2018-02-08
4J AZERBAIJAN 240 2018-02-06
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-02-02
JW SVALBARD 216 2018-01-07


Filter by band: 80M. 14 new DXCC

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
ET ETHIOPIA 113 2018-12-13
TI COSTA RICA 258 2018-11-24
VP6/D DUCIE ISLAND 51 2018-10-25
9X RWANDA 126 2018-09-29
C9 MOZAMBIQUE 152 2018-05-06
TJ CAMEROON 119 2018-03-22
3C0 ANNOBON 64 2018-03-15
3C EQUATORIAL GUINEA 66 2018-03-06
FR REUNION ISLAND 214 2018-02-14
8R GUYANA 130 2018-02-13
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-02-02
5R MADAGASCAR 179 2018-01-07


Filter by band: 6M

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-07-06
4J AZERBAIJAN 240 2018-07-06



PA3C Islands On The Air Progress Report 01-jan-2019

Islands worked: 696
Islands confirmed: 668
Islands verified: 638

Topband DX, new slots

Many DXpeditions this time of the year.
And also ‘regular’ stations being active on TB in March.
Worked a lot of new ones on 160/80. Mornings are the best. No big pile-ups.
All qso’s made on ‘barefoot’ verticals, no beverages at the moment.

5-3 4K6FO on 160M
6-3 3C3W on 80M
7-3 9Y4/UA4CC on 80M, 13-3 9Y4/LY2IJ on 160M

7-3 XR0YD on 80M. Waited many times for 160M, but no luck, still need the slot.12-3 9M0W on 80M & 160M about an hour before qrt. Not busy 🙂

13-3 TY7C on 40M, 80M & 160M. And also KH7XS on 80M.15-3 TN5R on 80M. But not-in-log?

3D2EU on 20/30/40 also on RTTY which is DXCC 300 on RTTY.

New DXCC Z6 worked on many bands, 12M missing but no problem in the summer

new slots on topbands

Very glad with my 160M system.
Worked XZ4ZW 160M cw for a new one. Good operation. A (short) beverage NE worked out perfectly.
And yesterday HV0A (huge wall!) on 160M and 80M both cw.

Still lots of new ones to work!

160 M ARRL contest

Finally again qrv on 160M. Last 2 (winter-)seasons I was not planning correctly with my neighbour who is using the land for his sheep feeding on the grass.

Only 3 x 20M radials, but my grassland is wet wet wet. Everything was working, SWR just above 1:1 on 1810 kHz. No beverage in USA direction, no time for that before darkness fell.

I worked on Saturday-night & Sunday morning. Signals were very very light and qsb. Managed 16 qso’s, Eastcoast only. I think Alabama was DX. Still zone 5.

Outside the contest I worked 2 new challenges on 160M: ZA1WW and S01WS. Nice come-back!

QSO: 1829 CW 2017-12-02 1946 PA3C 599 VO1HP 599 NL
QSO: 1836 CW 2017-12-02 2054 PA3C 599 K3ZM 599 VA
QSO: 1823 CW 2017-12-03 0616 PA3C 599 WB9Z 599 IL
QSO: 1818 CW 2017-12-03 0622 PA3C 599 W2GD 599 SNJ
QSO: 1816 CW 2017-12-03 0627 PA3C 599 N0NI 599 IA
QSO: 1817 CW 2017-12-03 0628 PA3C 599 NO3M 599 WPA
QSO: 1832 CW 2017-12-03 0632 PA3C 599 VE3EJ 599 ONS
QSO: 1837 CW 2017-12-03 0643 PA3C 599 W5MX 599 KY
QSO: 1839 CW 2017-12-03 0646 PA3C 599 W4CB 599 IL
QSO: 1829 CW 2017-12-03 0657 PA3C 599 W0JX 599 ONS
QSO: 1826 CW 2017-12-03 0703 PA3C 599 N3EB 599 WPA
QSO: 1835 CW 2017-12-03 0708 PA3C 599 W3UA 599 NH
QSO: 1844 CW 2017-12-03 0720 PA3C 599 K1WHS 599 ME
QSO: 1814 CW 2017-12-03 0729 PA3C 599 N2ZX 599 ENY