Best Es opening of 2017

nearly 3 hours with very strong signals
worked 36 stations and 5 new squares
Reminds me of the big opening of 10-7-1987
I even did call cq on .325 because on .300 is was a complete mess all the time.
And I really had a pile-up!

RA6DE 2368 km
09:51 UY5ON KN89 2127 km
09:52 UR5LX KO70 1953 km
09:59 UR3EE KN88 2173 km
10:21 US4IEK KN87UX 2262 km
10:32 UZ2HZ KN69 1861 km
10:34 UT4UEP KN49 1595 km
10:39 UT3UX KO50 1686 km
10:45 UR5VFJ KN68 1907 km
10:47 US0GB KN67 1959 km
10:49 UR3VKE KN69OB 1911 km
10:51 UR0EQ KN78 2040 km
10:56 UR5ETN KN78CL 2004 km
10:57 UR5EEK KN78 2040 km
10:57 US7TQ KO30HH 1420 km
10:58 UY7QN KN77MJ 2114 km
10:59 UT2VR KN69PC 1914 km
11:02 UR3CTB KN59 1727 km
11:03 UR5UI KN59BS 1674 km
11:06 UR7ET KN68 1907 km
11:07 UT1EQ KN67PT 1976 km
11:08 RA6DE KN96DQ 2368 km
11:08 UY5QO KN77MT 2093 km
11:13 UT7EL KN77 2091 km
11:21 UT7EW KN78MM 2058 km
11:24 UT7VJ KN69OB 1911 km
11:32 UR7EX KN78NN 2061 km
11:42 UR3GS KN66 2015 km
11:44 UY7IZ KN88 2173 km
11:50 UR5HVR KN69TA 1940 km
11:56 R6DZ KN96CQ 2362 km
12:12 UR5UEP KN78WN 2111 km
12:26 R110A KO81 2050 km qsl via R5WW
12:30 YO9HH KN34AW 1686 km
12:30 YO6BLM KN25SO 1609 km
12:35 YO5CRI KN16TS 1413 km
12:36 YO4WZ KN44 1888 km
12:30 hrd HA0HO in KN07 very short skip

Es June 2017

A few good openings but most of the time we were outside the reflection area.
Or to close 😦

But on the 11th a spotty opening with some nice qso’s. JN60 is 95% water but there is an island and a radio-amateur!

2M Es
18:29 IC8BNR JN60 1501 km new #
18:31 IK8BIZ JN70 1554 km
18:34 IK8YOQ JN70 1554 km
18:36 IZ8WGU JM88 1824 km
18:39 IZ8YBS JM89CH 1708 km
19:05 IW8PQU JM88BQ 1769 km
6M Es
C6ATA  559/559 new DXCC most of the time not audible but coming out of the noise and good operator
SO1WS 59/59

Es season

Much more Es on 4M and 2M in this season than last year for me.
No wonder, last year 0 (zero) openings on 2m 😦

I even worked a new square on IT9, first new one since 2 years I think.
And a lot of countries on 4M, only 25W here but with Es it is enough now 24 countries including SV9, CU3 and EA8 which must be double-hops.

But the best qso on 2M was last week, just after the aurora finished I worked SM2CEW (KP15) on 2M in cw.
At first a weak signal but later a real 55n, no AU distortion. Auroral Es, IONO, or whatever. Nature has its magic!

The new antenne UB-50 works good on 6M, I made some qso’s on other bands but not enough yet.
SWR is low on all bands even 40M although the maximum elevation is only 14M.
But no experience yet on take-off and power in the pile-up when DX-season starts.

CQWW 2012

2013-06-29 11.16.26













World 1.8 MHz SSB High power Assisted
LN9Z (LA5KO)…………..82,880
OK1T (OK1TP)…………..47,961
LX9LTE (LX1KQ) …………5,809
PA3C …………………………3,792
USØMS ……………………..3,456
NX5M ………………………..1,768
WD8E …………………………..207

Not many contestesters in this class, so easy to win Dutch 1st place 🙂 and no. 6 of the world.
But incredible the overall winner has 20 times more points than I have. Amazing.


Sporadic E season is running but with bad luck for me.
2 times big openings on 2 meter but not at home 😦
On 6 meter it is a very strange season. One day good condx to East and West, next day nothing at all.
Es, TEP and Aurora are not compatible. We need high flux for F2-openings, but high flux means active sun which gives good chance on CME’s >>> Aurora which destroys Es necessary for connecting EU-region to TEP/F2-area.

Guess we have to wait till October.

2 new DXCC in 24h on 6M

Last week Es on 6M started. With some TEP-openings to LU and CE the week before I was not at home. But very happy with these new ones:



Although I refurbished my SteppIR completely last winter, it is still off.

On 6M the SWR @ 50.100 is > 3.0
Tuning the controller to 51.100 the SWR is going below 2.0
Something must be wrong, the driver?

Maybe the Ultrabeam UB50 is a better alternative… €€€€€

first qso’s on 4M

This morning excellent Es on 4M to ES en South OH. Although I only have 25W , 20 meter RG-58 (about -3 db) and an open dipole, I managed to work 8 stations also new DXCC’s, although the ARRL is not into 4M/70MHz yet.
Real sporadic E: either you hear&work them, or not.

Working with the transverter is OK, but using the Flex-1500 with PowerSDR is not easy. The waterfall display is nice but tuning is something to learn. And only USB for tx because my key is connected to the HF-set.

So I think it is better to change to another setup: TS-2000 in transverter-mode, N1MM in transverter-mode. Then I have all the benefits of the integrated workplace, logging, macro-keys in N1MM, RTTY (or Iscat or whatever).

The 4 ele LFA-beam for 4M is still under construction. First some parts were missing and now the rains have ‘improved’, monsoon time. I still have to tune the beam and that is something to do outside…

Yesterday there was Es on 2M, only short openings but good distance to UC6A (2500 km, new locator-square) and US8ZAL. Overall Es on 2M is not that good in this part of EU, the Aurora is to strong. Today a new CME is arriving so I assume Es will go down again.

qrv 4 meter: to late!

I decided to go for 4 M/70 MHz and use my flexradio-1500 as input for a transverter. I was very lucky to find the ME4T transverter in the online-market, only 10 minutes after putting my add the deal was completed! And a dipole for free, tnx PA2DW :-))

But setting up the transverter was more complicated than I thought. After opening it (yes, every radioamateur opens a box he just bought!) it was clear that the input attenuation was already there (a variable resistor) so my input of 0 dbm (1 mW) was not enough to get any output… But I only found that after a long time of trying, measuring, reading the manual (which was very old and not up-to-date with the inside of the box).

Alas, now I have 0,5 W input for 25 W output on my dipole. And no conditions on Es whatsoever, Aurora rules. To late for this season..

Next project will be to connect Flexradio-PSDR to N1MM via virtual ports & VAC. It just started to rain (normal Dutch summer) so time enough.