New DXCC on 2M: HV0A

On July 8 there was a big Es-opening, our qtf direction South Italy.
I knew HV0A was active on 6M, it was announced on the web.
But I was surprised to ‘see’ HV0A on 2m FT8, working locals.
I called him a few times but he was still working locals, not aware of the opening?

After 10 minutes he suddenly came back for me.
QSO was completed in the next sequences.

Hardly any traffic on .300 cw or ssb. QSO ssb is about 6x times faster than FT8 (4 per minute)
But every is stuck on .174

CQ 160

48 hours CQ-160M contest, crowded bands up to 1890, lots of interference and stations with horrible clicks.
Beverages are very necessary in order to get some more quiet signals, but no chance if a station from EU jumps on a DX-station in order to attract more customers….

Best DX East was JA (only 1), VR2 & E2X heard, JT worked.
Best DX West was XE and states TX, NM & AZ. 27 states worked (USA & Canada)
South only 3V8SF, no SA-continent, some Caribean stations.

Covid takes down many expeditions, especially the Carib was underperforming.
Usually there are many USA-expeditioners hunting multipliers on NA-mainland.
But no PJ4, P4, etc.

Stew Perry 2020 and Bella

The best contest of the year: Stew Perry full edition. Only 24 hours with a limit for 14h attendence. So time enough for sleep. In the night a huge storm system named Bella entered Europe which gave gail force winds in The Netherlands. But the next morning I found my vertical (17m) still straight up, bending in the wind. Pfoe…

Conditions were not very good, path close to the pole was closed in both directions. Lots of deep QSB.
Middle East was absent, Africa only one station, Caribean just a few. South America not heard here. So it was Europe and North America.

My best station East was HL5IVL (heard Japan) and West XE2X. I used 400W and two short (50m) beverages NE-NW. In logging I used Assisted by RBN.

CQWW CW 2020

I only wanted to enter the 160M section but heard some nice DX on 10M for the first time in several years.
So I also made some qso’s on 10M.
I uoloaded my log in the 160M High Assisted section, but I doubt that will be accepted.
Maybe better to split the log in two parts, the 10M log as ‘checklog”. Can you send in two logs?

working new ones on 160M

It’s the time of the season so lots of possibilities to work new ones on low bands. 80-160.
Installed some long wires for reception (not very long so not very directional, but they do work to downplay the noise on 80&160M)

Although published as a IOTA-expedition they did work on all bands/all modes: EP6RRC. 160 was a new band
ScreenHunter_326 Nov. 26, 2018 08.51

I entered the CQWW-cw contest only for 160M & 80M. Not single band so the score will be low compared to the other SO-multi band operations. Maybe I delete the 80M qso’s and just enter the SO-160M group. (And the 80M qso’s as checklog).

400 qso’s were made in S&P-mode. Breaking pile-ups in a contest (no split operations, although it sometimes helps to XIT 0,25 up!) is a lucky thing, but I did manage a number of them. The stop at daylight and playing some squash was necessary 🙂
On 160M worked a new one: ZF1A Cayman Islands.
On 80M was very pleased with ZM4T long path!

ScreenHunter_325 Nov. 26, 2018 08.11

And this morning worked Honduras HR9/SP4Z on 160M. Worked him on 80M as HQ9R in the contest but was not able to find him on 160M in the contest.

Next weekend ARRL 160M contest 🙂


Prop on HF is bad so tried to setup EME on 2m.
My BEKO PA is strong enough but I cannot elevate my 17 ele antenne.
Have to try when the moon is below 15 degrees, wich gives me some groundgain also.

I use WSJT-X (1.17) but setting up all connections with my microham MK-II took some time. Also tuning (finding a calling station on the screen) is not always easy as there are a lot of birdies on frequency.

But in the end worked 3 stations, all from Europe, no new DXCC. yet.
Will test in the coming days again when the distance to the moon will be better (shorter).


IOTA-200 certificate

The new RSGB/IOTA system makes it much easier for IOTA-certification.
By downloading verified IOTA-contacts from clublog it is much easier to build a database ready for certification, than searching for that &^%$#card in the (sorted?) pile of cards.
Or pay $$$ for one qso.

Now 224 verified but already new confirmed IOTA’s on clublog.
Up to today worked 500 IOTA’s.


Tropo December 20, 2016

Just before a depression moved in some good (duct-)conditions NE.
But not much activity, maybe also because the duct was narrow.

OH1ND in KP00 cw 519 but later 599
OH6KTL in KP02 is a new square 1630 km
OZ1CT Bornholm Island JO75

Not much tropo in this fall (but I was out for 4 weeks in October/November)

super tropo opening

Never in my life had this experience of this super tropo opening. Every year there is a big opening in autumn, but this year was really HUGE.

Luck was with me, the duct (inversion) was in line with me, from West to East.

On Oct. 1 worked from YL & LY up to EI, GI and GD.
On Oct. 2 worked many more stations from SP, LY and then also EU/EW and UA3!
Sometimes weak signals (UA3XX: 1955 km) but sometimes like local stations (RA3LBW in cw&ssb).

I was giving cq all the time and that attracted a lot of dx stations who were not calling cq themselves.
Because the pile-up would have been to big.

All in all I made over 90 qso in those 2 days, and worked 16 countries.

New antenne for HF and 6M

I was still having troubles with my SteppIR 4 ele so I sold it.
And bought the UB50 from Ultrabeam, going from 40M to 6M.

It is a 3 elements on 20M-10M and 5 ele on 6M (add-on kit).
So I loose some gain compared to the SteppIR.

Getting the system up was quite a task, because of the closed elements.
You have to assemble all 3 poles at the same time which makes it more sdfficult than the individual poles of the SteppIR.
But this solution works technically much better on 30M/40M than the SteppIR-banana element.

Thanks to my buddy’s Jaap (PA0T) and Rinus it is up now.
Coming days start tuning and getting ready for Es season and later this year some new AT NO’s i hope.

UB50 5wl for 2M and 4 ele LFA for 4M

On the pic you see UB50, 5 wl for 2m and 4 ele LFA for 4M