New DXCC on 2M: HV0A

On July 8 there was a big Es-opening, our qtf direction South Italy.
I knew HV0A was active on 6M, it was announced on the web.
But I was surprised to ‘see’ HV0A on 2m FT8, working locals.
I called him a few times but he was still working locals, not aware of the opening?

After 10 minutes he suddenly came back for me.
QSO was completed in the next sequences.

Hardly any traffic on .300 cw or ssb. QSO ssb is about 6x times faster than FT8 (4 per minute)
But every is stuck on .174

Es season starts but no good results yet

The Es-season started very late this year due to the outbursts on the sun. Aurora ruled until last weekend. There was a huge opening on 2M for 3,5 hrs but most of the time just outside our reach. TA, SV5, SV9, UC6A all heard very weak but no contacts were made. ER, LZ and SV2 were logged.
On 6M I worked some NA-station, including a new one in Zone 4. N6ML in Zone 3 was heard for 30 minutes during the contest but his qrm level was to high, my 500W didn’t make it…
Worked 6W already one month ago when there were back-to-back openings to Africa. Darko J28AA is a very good operator it was very easy to make the qso. But I think the season started not very good because of the sun. And although there are some flares, SFI is not rising much so no intercontinental F2 openings. This sun-cycle will be disappointing.

This week sent my qsl cards to the fieldchecker and also uploaded them to the new ARRL-online card system. Hopefully this will speed up the verification-process but also cut out errors and typo’s at the ARRL-desk. DXLab’s export function including sorting of multiple qsl’s on one card works like a charm!

BTW my PA was repaired. 4 capacitors, one euro each. Cheap! Labour, S&H more than € 150 though. But works fine again.