Amsterdam Island

No 160M at the moment due to damaged vertical so this is the maximum I can get

FT5ZM bandscore



Enough for collecting DXCC challenges, but not overloading with all bands all modes and using bandwith while others are still trying in the pile-up. Read this




Entered saturday-night in 80M high power only. Sunday morning and sunday evening too. Only S&P.

final score







Nice ones like J73A, YV5KG, 2*VK, AH2R, HI3A, S21ZBB, HS0ZAR, HC1. I think about 4 all time new ones on 80M.
No zone 1&2 I was looking for those but to much AU on the Northpole. Allthough KL7KY zn. 1 was worked from PA but no beverage to the North :-(
Made some qso”s on other bands for all time new ones like N8A Amrican Samoa on 40M (in contest).

Next contest PACC


Entered the contest in Single Operator 15M high power (400 W) Assisted. After 500 qso’s and 21 hours ‘on’ it was enough.

One zones was not on (39) and some were very thin populated (12, 19, 29: only one qso). Most times I was on S&P-mode but I did give cq’s a few but no real runs were made out of those actions. Still wonder how to get passed 500 qso’s running S&P only.
And still wonder why running cq is getting so less answers when runninjg 400W in a 4 ele SteppIR.
It was difficult to find a free spot in the band but my power must be enough to be heard. But not an interesting zone I guess.

cqww ssb 2013








In the middle of the contest I saw a spot of YB9Y on 80m cw (Saterday around 15 gmt). I heard them calling a managed a qso!

Today we are having extreme weather, storm 9-10 Bft in my part of the country. The gusts are most dangerous.
This morning I wanted to lower my 80M inverted-L but it was to late: broken in the middle. Glasfiber is not as flexible as I thought.

CQWW 2012

2013-06-29 11.16.26













World 1.8 MHz SSB High power Assisted
LN9Z (LA5KO)…………..82,880
OK1T (OK1TP)…………..47,961
LX9LTE (LX1KQ) …………5,809
PA3C …………………………3,792
USØMS ……………………..3,456
NX5M ………………………..1,768
WD8E …………………………..207

Not many contestesters in this class, so easy to win Dutch 1st place :-) and no. 6 of the world.
But incredible the overall winner has 20 times more points than I have. Amazing.


Sporadic E season is running but with bad luck for me.
2 times big openings on 2 meter but not at home :-(
On 6 meter it is a very strange season. One day good condx to East and West, next day nothing at all.
Es, TEP and Aurora are not compatible. We need high flux for F2-openings, but high flux means active sun which gives good chance on CME’s >>> Aurora which destroys Es necessary for connecting EU-region to TEP/F2-area.

Guess we have to wait till October.

Antenne problem, rotor problem, winch problem

A problem never comes alone….

Yesterday while sitting in the garden I saw my antenne turning around.
Apparently on the wind direction? A dangerous situation, because if it should turn more than 360 degrees I would loose my tx-cables.

After studying its moves I decided to lower the mast and check.

That was a big problem, the winch was nearly stuck. But the mast had to go down, some more power on the winch….

All the bolts on the pipe/rotor connection were not tight anymore. How come? But easy to fix.

Then up again, the winch was rotating very difficult and got stuck. The mast at 45 degrees.
Called Arjan Wind and he was able to come the next day. We Imagechanged the winch with a bigger one. Turned out that the old one was really broken, the main axis was bent. Guess a 40 kg SteppIR was to much to lift after all these years (about 10 years old winch).

But after 24h the system was up and running again.

2013-06-05 10.33.18

2 new DXCC in 24h on 6M

Last week Es on 6M started. With some TEP-openings to LU and CE the week before I was not at home. But very happy with these new ones:



Although I refurbished my SteppIR completely last winter, it is still off.

On 6M the SWR @ 50.100 is > 3.0
Tuning the controller to 51.100 the SWR is going below 2.0
Something must be wrong, the driver?

Maybe the Ultrabeam UB50 is a better alternative… €€€€€

Topband season is ending

Days are getting shorter on this side of the globe, dx-window for 80&160 getting really short now. So time to dismantle the verticals and beverages. The farmer needs the ground in a short while.

This season was pretty good ending with a total of 124 countries worked on 160M (last year 97) and 177 on 80M. That is the total since I started on 80&160, not only this TB-season, to be clear.

On 160M starting Jan 1st, 2013 worked KL, KH6, 9M4SLL (1S), T4, FS, HK, VP2M, 6Y and FO/C on 160M. Some of them with outstanding signals near SR or SS.
Still struggling with the beverages though, I don’t feel they add much to my reception quality. Most times the noise is down but signals more down. The reverse beverage from DX_engineering is not performing well, no difference up or downstream.
I heard KL7KY stronger on the vertical than on the beverage! In order to work more I have to hear more, tx is OK with 750 Watt into inverted-L with 50% efficiency.

Still having problems with my SteppIR. After some band-changes the SWR is rising sharply. I now use high voltage (33V) on the system but no improvement. The repair of the elements didn’t make any improvement. I checked all copper wires but they are OK. So now I’m out of ideas what’s wrong with. The system is 8 years old (bought 2nd hand, but then it was OK).
Thinking about selling the SteppIR and the retrofit kit for 30/40 (still lying around) and buying the UB50: smaller 3 elements, lighter, 30/40M integrated in a clever way. But a lot of money.
Something to think about in the summer.


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