cqww cw 2019

Only 160M, S&P Assisted
Conditions were not very good, some aurora on Friday and Saturday gave a lot of static and low signals. Could not even hear PJ2/PJ4/P4 with decent signals. To the East JT5DX was worked after long calling.
But I made 250 qso with one new DXCC (V26K). Heard HI and some Jx stations but to weak/to big pile-up.
Sundaymorning was a disappointment, not many dx on the band. I can understand, already enough multipliers scored and low qso-rate makes 160M not very interesting. But even multi-multi stations were very few.

(Worked TI7W on 80m for checklog)

Saw PJ5/SP6IXF on 160M but never CW, always FT8. Need PJ5 on 160M so installed WSJT-X and worked him for new DXCC-160M.

Is there anyone here who still remembers to sound of RTTY? Hardly ever I hear RTTY anymore.

Stew Perry (October version)

Not so busy as the December version but I worked 70 stations for 360 points.
About 10 USA, and JT5DX from Mongolia. No Japan 😦

And 3 new DXCC on 160M: CX6VM (new zone 13), 5K0K (out-of-contest; they didn’t take my call OK) and VP6R (out-of-contest).
VP6R on 160M is stronger than 5K0K. Conditions to the Caribean are very bad on 160M, compared to last year (worked YN4RRC 599)

Still need VP6R on 20M..


IOTA 2019

Joined the IOTA contest. Mostly SSB, 35% cw. Many cw ops transmit to fast for me 😦

Had a family dinner in the night and play some squash in the morning, operating time less than 12 hours.

But worked 4 new IOTA’s, still 400+ to go but with the bad conditions it is difficult to work NA-W, AS-E and OC.

Noctilucent clouds

June 21, the sun is not far below the horizon, only 9-10 degrees.
Sunset and sunrise are nearly the same.

And for the second (third?) time this week the noctilucent clouds showed in a magnificent display. Many structures were visible.

I also add some pics from last week (June 12th)







======================== June 12



At last a new one

Conditions are bad. If you don’t work FT8/FT4 there much to grab for new. Because all of you are on FT8-4 even when condx are up and OK for CW or even SSB.
I guess that RTTY is obsolete now, a mode for old-timers.

Apart for some new IOTA’s (703 worked, 680 confirmed, chasing 20 qsl’s for the 700-mark) I only worked a new one on 6M: Eritrea on phone! Good opening for a few hours peaking real 55 with deep qsb. Prop was F2 or TEP or multi-hop-Es?

Need them on 30M cw too, but the expedition will be there unitil June 3. So must be possible although they work FT8 on 30M when they are spotted…..
No 160-80M at the moment although I need those bands too.

I have setup my 4M-70 MHz system hope to work some Es the coming month.

2018 results

Some stats provided by clublog and DXKeeper


QSOs by Year

Year Number of DXCCs Number of QSOs QSOs as Percent
2018 166 1374 CW: 76.56%
Phone: 22.78%
Data: 0.66%


Summary table 2018: DXCC worked


Callsign 160 80 60 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 6 4 2 Total Slots
PA3C 88 106 0 50 30 80 34 25 8 8 5 12 17 166 463

Didn’t work a lot on 6M, everybody is moving to FT8 😦
Have to work on 60M for new DXCC’s


2 new DXCC

Dates on which DXCCs were first worked

Filter by band:

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-02-02


Dates on which DXCCs were first worked (low bands & 6M)

Filter by band: 160M. 15 new DXCC

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
BY CHINA 268 2018-12-06
9K KUWAIT 265 2018-11-29
YN NICARAGUA 201 2018-11-28
HR HONDURAS 195 2018-11-26
ZF CAYMAN ISLANDS 229 2018-11-25
EP IRAN 122 2018-11-21
8P BARBADOS 243 2018-11-10
TY BENIN 149 2018-03-13
9Y TRINIDAD & TOBAGO 238 2018-03-13
PZ SURINAME 221 2018-02-23
VU INDIA 266 2018-02-13
TZ MALI 143 2018-02-08
4J AZERBAIJAN 240 2018-02-06
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-02-02
JW SVALBARD 216 2018-01-07


Filter by band: 80M. 14 new DXCC

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
ET ETHIOPIA 113 2018-12-13
TI COSTA RICA 258 2018-11-24
VP6/D DUCIE ISLAND 51 2018-10-25
9X RWANDA 126 2018-09-29
C9 MOZAMBIQUE 152 2018-05-06
TJ CAMEROON 119 2018-03-22
3C0 ANNOBON 64 2018-03-15
3C EQUATORIAL GUINEA 66 2018-03-06
FR REUNION ISLAND 214 2018-02-14
8R GUYANA 130 2018-02-13
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-02-02
5R MADAGASCAR 179 2018-01-07


Filter by band: 6M

Prefix Entity Most-wanted Rank First Worked
Z6 REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO 48 2018-07-06
4J AZERBAIJAN 240 2018-07-06



PA3C Islands On The Air Progress Report 01-jan-2019

Islands worked: 696
Islands confirmed: 668
Islands verified: 638

What a night!

Last night the Stew Perry 160M contest was on. Exchange is WW-locator (JO33). Points for every 500 km.
I like this contest, always very busy, many stations on 40 KHz bandwith. Sometimes I used the notch to null-out a station that covered another station. That is working ok but takes a lot of time.

Maximum was 3×15 points (FK77, US Virgin). Heard some zone 3 stations, they have the power but small ears. XE2X was most time covered by EU-stations didn’t manage to work him. No real DX in this contest, no JA, no RU-Asia, no SA, AF only 3V8SF.

I only hunted stations in S&P-mode. My cw is not good enough to start a run. Next month is my retirement a have time to practice….

Stew Perry December 2018


This morning I found my 80M vertical …broken. Maybe due to the storm we had last night (8 Bft) but I suspect the deer that are running around. One guy was broken and part of my NE-beverage was down too. This is the second time the pole was hit and I suspect it is beyond repair now. I was planning to start on a vertical for 60M but have to set priorities. Never a dull moment.

HNY, good DX




broken guy